LandRocker: Creating a Sustainable Universe with Transparent Rewards
LandRocker is a unique Play-to-Earn game about discovery and space exploration. As a player, you'll go on a thrilling journey through intergalactic space and launch mining missions to collect rare and valuable rewards such as NFTs, crypto tokens, and crafting materials. With your earnings, you can craft your own NFTs and trade them on the marketplace.

Sustainable Ecosystem

LandRocker redefines the Play-to-Earn landscape by addressing two critical issues: inflation and trust. Our groundbreaking solution harmonizes Play-to-Earn with Play-to-Win, ensuring a balanced gaming economy and stable player revenue. The materials and blueprints mined in the Play-to-Earn universe become critical assets in the Play-to-Win universe, creating a dynamic and lasting ecosystem.

Gameplay and Mechanics

LandRocker's gameplay combines exploration, strategy, and rewards in a way that captivates players from all backgrounds. In this game, you'll explore unknown planets and collect valuable rewards for a thrilling play-to-earn adventure. Your mission is clear: gather rewards, overcome obstacles, return, and enjoy the results of your efforts.
The player's Rover is at the center of LandRocker's gameplay. The stronger the Rover, the faster it can mine rewards. Fuel plays a crucial role, allowing players to explore planets and collect valuable resources.
Experience the game through a Pro version or a web-based Lite version.
The Pro version offers a diverse range of gameplay modes, including intense PvP battles, high-speed racing challenges, strategic last-man-standing showdowns, captivating city conquests, resource-rich material hunts, thrilling rover battles, and immersive exploration quests. The Lite version allows for quick and simple mining without any obstacles or challenges. These modes cater to various play styles, ensuring a rewarding experience for all players.

Blockchain Transparency

LandRocker sets a new standard for transparency by using blockchain technology to validate rewards. Smart Contracts, cryptographically securing reward locations, guarantee an unpredictable reward distribution. This groundbreaking approach ensures fairness and trust, as even the platform's developers do not know reward locations, fostering complete transparency in the gaming experience.

Rovers, Materials & Crafting:

Players have access to a basic Rover for all universes, but NFT-based Rovers provide advantages in mining power. Materials and blueprints can be used to craft Rovers and Planets, which can be sold on the marketplace. Planet owners collect a share of the profit generated by the Fuel sales that other players pay to mine the planet.

About The LRT Token

LRT is the primary governance and utility token of the LandRocker ecosystem, used to buy in-game items and staking mechanisms. It is used for buying NFTs and Fuel, and it is the prize players find in Treasure Hunt Universes.

How to Earn

Mine Rewards: Purchase Fuel, collect NFTs, crypto, materials, and blueprints.
Craft NFTs: Mint valuable NFTs, use them to earn more and sell them on the Marketplace.
Staking Rewards: Earn revenue share from owned Planets, stake LRT for Fuel, stake for advanced Rovers, and participate in the Liquidity Pool.

Platform Accessibility and Upcoming Enhancements

You can access the Lite game on or via the Pro game, which offers complete control and exciting gameplay modes, in the driver’s seat. The Pro game is set to be launched in 2024.


The LandRocker team comprises blockchain and gaming experts with a proven track record. They are dedicated to delivering an outstanding gaming experience. Developed by INFINITE8, a reputable company with 20 years of IT, Gaming, and Deeptech expertise, LandRocker ensures high-quality gaming and continuous innovation.
Contact us: [email protected]
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